What is the purpose of the WCCOE?

WCCOE is an inspirational project set up to enhance a number of goals locally and internationally. It is also a community interest company and a non for profit organisation.

We hope to be situated within the Valleys of South Wales, an
area of unique culture and beauty. Its heritage heads back to the industrial
revolution. The coal fields played a huge roll in job creation and financial
stability to a once bustling environment.


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Our aim is to set up a world class tourism facility,
providing jobs and education to local residents and hopefully improving the
economy and enrichment to the valleys. We aim to also receive 150 000 visitors
from local, national and international communities which in turn will help the
local economy.


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We will also be aiming to work with every EEP (European
Endangered Species Programme.) along with EAZA and collaboration with a number
of international zoo,s worldwide.

The Welsh valleys can make a difference and this project
aims to look at how we can make a difference to all the issues above. We also
want to be a world leader in setting up conservation programmes in Wales but
also abroad.

In theory The Welsh Conservation Centre Of Excellence will
be a zoo. We aim to provide as much possible enrichment for the wildlife we
house on the site. The more natural the environment the more the animals behave
naturally, our main goal for visitor engagement and education.


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We shall provide information on local and international
wildlife politics’s. We aim to set projects up locally and internationally
collaborating with high quality projects securing a future for wildlife and
environmental issues around the world.

We aim to work with universities, schools and colleges, providing post graduate opportunity, work experience for colleges and to support schools with projects but have a centre of excellence for them to visit.


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One of our goals is to showcase re-introduction projects within the UK. We hope to play a vital role in research, education and public engagement. A number of the species housed at the centre will be native or previously living within the UK. We also want to raise the profile of habitat management and restoration, even looking at the site we will be based on. We aim to create a wildlife reserve within the zoo enviroment.

We aim to create a legacy for future generations.