WCCOE Vulture Programme

Vultures provide the entire planet with a very important role, they are the worlds natural dustmen.

Without vultures our eco systems collapse, their job in the worlds environment is important to all of us, yet they are still misunderstood and stereotyped in a manner that does them no justice what so ever.

We hope to showcase all 5 european species. All 11 species from Africa shall be part of the collection. We also hope once established to house the critically endangered Asian species and then the new world vultures from the Americas.

Will will work alongside all the EEP ( European Endangered Species Programme.) coordinators with an eventual goal to breed and send young birds back in to the gene pools and eventually to the wild.

This project at WCCOE will be one off the largest collections in the world, showcasing all the worlds vultures at one venue, it will showcase all the work done in the world to stop species from extinction. It shall also educate on one of the most successful re introduction project ever achieved, the Bearded Eagle Vulture re introduction the Europe coordinated by the VCF and their partners.

WCCOE also want to promote the MSAP ( Multi Species Action Plan) Africa’s vultures are in critical danger, some to the point of extinction. We hope to raise awareness and provide funding to those working in the field against poisoning, electrocution, illegal poaching and theft off eggs.