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Dyffryn Gwyrdd is something new, exciting and totally different for the Cynon Valley. We are a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, and we believe in:

Community – looking after ourselves, our people, our places

Wellbeing – maintaining good physical and mental health, creating the conditions to thrive

Inclusivity – creating opportunities for everyone regardless of age, health status, race, gender status, sexuality, religion or any other factor

Fairness – treating everyone with respect and valuing all contributions

Kindness – helping each other to achieve much, much more than we could alone

Aspiration – striving for better for future generations

We want to improve our places, support our people and challenge perceptions of what the Cynon Valley is (and isn’t!). We will do this by:

  • Bringing communities together to find out what people would like to change, and then work with them to achieve it
  • Supporting people to volunteer for fun, hands-on experiences which will make a real difference to their environment
  • Working in partnership with a broad range of local and national organisations to promote the cleaner, greener Cynon Valley ethos
  • Running an annual cycle of informative, entertaining events that are free to attend, suitable for all ages and result in action against climate change
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Dyffryn Gwyrdd is proud to be working in partnership with WCCOE, ensuring that the development of the organisation is, from the very beginning, driven by the values we have in common – environment, education, economy, everyone. WCCOE will work with communities throughout the valley to bring about change for the better. WCCOE will offer meaningful jobs, no zero hours contracts, support for all employees and volunteers to develop transferable skills, and flexible working conditions that will allow people to have a good work-life balance. A workplace where no-one will be taken for granted, where sustainability is built-in, and where people can thrive.

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