Why is WCCOE important.

The Welsh valleys have been in need of investment for a number of decades. Once the coal mining was finished many people did not have any skill sets to get into other employment. There was also not much in the way of other industries in the area which offered further training for employment.

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Well being, mental health, homelessness along with many other problems are issues needing resolving within the area. This is a Key role in what we hope to help people with at WCCOE. Much of these issues are down to the issues of no employment, no enrichment and no belief that things can be made achievable.

Today the valleys opencast mining still happens but there is still little infrastructure to give people the chance to look for a career they would like to achieve without re locating.

The WCCOE may be a visitor attraction but there will be far more goals achievable than just a place people can come to view animals.

Education will play a huge role in making awareness of not just how beautiful our local area is but also other areas around the world. We aim to have a completely accessible venue for all disabilities. Offer training that would normally not be accessible, working with animals, public engagement skills, veterinary practice, horticulture, environmental issues, re-introduction programmes, post graduate via university, wellbeing and many many more.

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But not only could we employ, we hope that with the visitor numbers we want to achieve it will bring additional money via tourism. This would help local business and possibly provide further jobs within the local communities.

Conservation will obviously play a key feature in our plans. With this we hope once established to lead or partner in local, national and international wildlife re introductions. We also aim to use the facility to encourage more wildlife turning a visitor attraction into a wildlife reserve, encouraging habitat management to encourge species locally to flourish.

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Species such as the ones below would be animals housed at the park with goals for research on re-introduction.

Water vole


Red Squirrel

White Tail Eagle

Golden Eagle

Bearded Vulture

Ruppells Griffon Vulture

This is an inspirational project that can happen, however we do need all your support if we are to achieve all our goals.

A legacy for all of us.