Like any large project of this kind it cannot be built overnight. Many challenges need to be hurdled before we can even think about opening. Currently the project has been worked on for the last 4 years, many meetings have been attended and the people in the background have come aboard over a period of time.

Careful consideration has to be thought about when discussing a location, infrastructure and politics also play a huge role in the proposal of the final site.

We have been working extremely hard on proposals and networking with many different organisations, we have even travelled abroad researching other facilities and breeding programmes we would like to collaborate with.

We are now set up as a CIC and charitable trust, the next step is applying for funding towards a scoping study towards the viability of the project. This study is vital, it will show all running costs, infrastructure and build costs and possible impact on job creation and tourism into the area.

Once the study is done along with working on the possible site we should be able to consider some time scale on possible dates towards an opening time.

These are very exciting times but a lot more work has to be done before this dream is possible. It is a dream that is for all of us and is well worth waiting for.